Our Brand

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General notes

Here you can find our logos and information regarding our visual identity, as well as some guidelines. If you have any doubt or questions regarding your reuse of our assets, please get in touch with us.
General rule is: in case of any doubt on how to use these assets, just ask us, we won't bite :)


Our name is written "Cloud68.co", with a capital C and without a space before the number 68 and with the .co domain specification.


Our slogan is: Reliable Open Source Digital Infrastructure


Dos & Don'ts

You can do the following:

  • Use our logo if you are receiving services from our team and mention that the 'services are provided by Cloud68.co team';
  • To link to our website;
  • To advertise that your project or company digital infrastructure uses our services;
  • For illustration purposes in your writings, presentations, videos or documents about Cloud68.co;

But you are not allowed to:

  • Use variations of our name, such as cloud 68 or CLOUD68;
  • Avoid the '.co' part of our brand;
  • Suggest or imply or that you are affiliated with Cloud68.co team in any way, or create confusion as to whether or not you are affiliated with Cloud68.co in any way. Again, just ask us :)
  • Distribute or use modified versions of these assets
  • Use these assets in your own project or application
  • Integrate or use these assets in your own logo
  • Change the colours/proportions or add your own text/images


Our logo, used in our sites was initially designed by Kristi Çunga.

Hover over the image to see downloadable formats

Hover over the image to see downloadable formats

Hover over the image to see downloadable formats


  • #60adff

Primary color

  • #662d91

Secondary color

  • #666666

Tertiary color

General Guidelines


Our 'official' font is Poppins. It is released under SIL Open Font License.

Have questions? Send them our way!